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tv   1947 Film Shipbuilders of Essex  CSPAN  December 13, 2014 3:37pm-3:42pm EST

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who have said this is the most oppressive administration vis-à-vis the press in modern times. thank you. [applause] thank you so much for coming out today. you are wonderful. i would like to bring out andrew coffin who will give directions about lunch. one more round of applause for this fantastic panel today. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> sunday, former white house press secretaries from the ford, reagan, george h.w. bush, clinton, and obama administration's discuss the position and the many challenges they faced while trying to work for the white house and serve the press. they include mike mccurry and ron gibbs. at 4:25 p.m.y
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eastern time on c-span 3's american history tv. each week, american history tv's reel america bring to archival films that helps tell the story of the 20th century. shipbuilders of essex is a 1947 film documenting the design and construction of the saint rosalie, a 65-foot wooden fishing trolley. following progress from plans on paper to the launching ceremony, the handmade methods depicted in the films have changed little since the 19th century when essex, massachusetts, was the leading supplier of wooden sailing vessels for atlantic fishing communities. >> exactly the right angle has to be drawn for every rib. seen more than a score of ships launched at the yards.
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hand-picked the lumber for a ship. the grain and quality of every piece of wood is keenly estimated for its particular use before one pieces cut. -- before one piece is cut. the keel is the backbone. from here on, your building up. a ship comes to life. the ribs, the whole is in place -- hull is in place. when you see the ribs line-up, you can see how important it is to have accurate designs. then you can see weeks and weeks of worth. the vessel takes a shape. .ow you can tell how she looks maybe just because every man in the shipyard takes part in so much that the men of essex have never wondered down the road apiece to big industrial
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cities. in the factories, they are building too, i guess, but i expect no factory worker came to experience a sense of satisfaction and a six shipbuilder can feel. they are worlds apart. the work of the factories has to be done and folks in essex and all over the united states for that matter enjoy the things made in these nearby plants. the men in essex choose to live differently. somehow in a six, it seems that folks don't figure modern speed is so important. they are satisfied serving the need to us fishermen who want wooden ships, and that means work by hand. ♪ >> american history tv travel to
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the library of congress's kluge center in washington dc, which was endowed by fourth miss john w kluge. it welcomes 100 scholars ever year to pursue their research interests at one of the world's largest libraries. we speak with one of the 2014 fellows. >> joining us on american history tv is stephen dick, a former nasa chief historian. tell us what astrobiology is. >> at its core, astrobiology is a search for life in the universe. that involves many thing about the origin of life here on earth and elsewhere, the nature of life the future of life, the , implications if we find life. it is a very interdisciplinary subject and the implications part is what i'm working on now. >> that is what brought you to the kluge center? >> that is right. we have this position called the group


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